boston ramrod


The Boston Ramrod is a leather bar situated in the neighborhood of Fenway. Known for years for their cruisey atmosphere, naughty hobbies, and mandatory leather, the Ramrod has grown into a different animal. They are no less cruisey or naughty now a days, but more laid back and less heavy on the denim and leather dress code. They like to have fun and they enjoy a crowd who isn't afraid to let loose.

Their weekly events include Trashy Tuesdays, "Hump this" Wednesdays,"The Attic" on Mondays, Packed Fridays, and Club Classics on Sunday with no cover. Keep in mind you can cruise until 2am and there is no dress code in the back room!

Boston Ramrod
1254 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02215
Neighborhood: Fenway
(617) 266-2986